About SREF

About SREF

SREF - Shetland Renewable Energy Forum

Shetland Renewable Energy Forum's aim is to help develop a thriving renewable energy industry in Shetland by providing help and advice to those seeking to bring new projects online and by speaking up for the Islands with a strong, coherent voice to be heard in Edinburgh, Westminster and Brussels.

Each of our working groups are helping to bring innovative energy projects and events across all areas of life from sustainable transport solutions to community and domestic energy initiatives.

The environmental benefits of reducing green house gas emissions are well understood by now, and high oil prices have sharpened the resolve to create a renewable energy powerhouse in Shetland.

Be part of the green revolution: join Shetland Renewable Energy Forum.

Executive Committee

Currently the Forum is not active.  Former Committee Members are considering re-activating the forum.  In the meantime, please use the contact details on this site for any enquiries and these will be handed on to the relevant person or company.


Shetland Renewable Energy Forum provides a platform to share technical expertise, resources and ideas around how to use renewable energy to solve the problems associated with fossil fuel reliance here in Shetland.

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