Community and Domestic Energy

Community and Domestic Energy

"Helping all of Shetland’s communities on the road towards to self-sufficiency"

Energising our communities and individuals is our main priority. Our Community and Domestic Energy Groups seeks to achieve this by eliminating fuel poverty from Shetland, and fighting to ensure that all of our citizens are able to take advantage of the renewable energy revolution.

Our Community and Domestic Energy group aims to help ease the grid application process, support community initiatives through knowledge transfer and resource pooling, eradicate fuel poverty from Shetland provide start-up support for new projects.

Latest Developments

Feed in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive Workshop

Our Community and Domestic Energy Group held a workshop to try gauge the Shetland public's view on the various government incentive schemes, and potential changes. This was well attended and feedback has been excellent. The take home messages for us were around planning regulations and a general dismay at the level of forecast cuts in government support for renewable energy generators. Thanks for your views, as we prepare our responses to government consultations on your behald.

Carbon Portal:

The Renewable Energy Forum are now housing the previously well used Carbon Portal. This contains contact details for local residents in Shetland who seeking information on reducing their energy bills, and on how to generate their own energy. All of these entities are members of the Forum, so please also feel free to get in touch with us.


NINES Project Update

Scottish and Southern Energy, in Partnership with Hjaltland housing association, are undertaking Northern Isles New Energy Solutions (NINES), which plans to bring a smart-electricity grid system to Shetland.

Smart grids aim to provide energy more efficiently by predicting, and intelligently responding to how energy users use electricity. This would allow more renewable energy generation capacity onto Shetland’s grid, and reduce the necessary size of any fossil fuel powered backup generators.

More Information

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Shetland Renewable Energy Forum provides a platform to share technical expertise, resources and ideas around how to use renewable energy to solve the problems associated with fossil fuel reliance here in Shetland.

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