Marine Renewables

Marine Renewables

"Continuing to harness the benefits of our Seas"

As islanders, Shetlanders have always understood the power of the sea and appreciated the resources which it can provide. We now seek to harness some of the energy found in the waves and the currents around Shetland in as delicate a manner as we can – respecting the fact that that our aquaculture is an integral part of past, present and future island life.

A wave and tidal resource assessment [pdf, 11.6Mb] commissioned by our Marine Group, confirmed the potential of Shetland as seriously attractive wave and tidal energy generation hub, and the Crown Estate has allocated an area on our East coast as a ‘Round Three’ Offshore Wind Farm development block.

Latest Develompents

Shetland's Marine Spacial Plan

Our Marine Group together with Shetland Islands Council and the NAFC Marine Centre from Scalloway have been working to develop Shetland’s Marine Spatial Plan. Among other things, this plan aims to ensure that the marine environment is safe for all users, and marine traffic is well coordinated. More information can be found on the NAFC Marine Centre website.

Aegir 10MW Wave Farm

Aegir, a joint project being undertaken by Swedish energy company Vattenfall, together with Pelamis Wave Power have announced plans to develop a 10MW wave farm off of Shetland’s west coast – although this is dependant on grid-connection to the UK network.

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