NINES heater website launched

NINES heater website launched

Posted: 27 March 2012

A new website featuring details of the heaters to be used in the Northern Isles New Energy Solutions (NINES) project has been launched.

The website,, gives a wealth of information about the heaters and how they differ from standard storage heating, from how to control settings to the benefits of the system, and more.

The Dimplex ‘Quantum’ heaters will be installed into 750 Shetland Islands Council and Hjaltland properties as part of the pioneering smart grid project, along with a new type of water tank.

The heaters work on the same principle as standard storage heaters, but are much more advanced.  Enhanced insulation and extra control functions mean the potential for improved efficiency and, theoretically, savings on bills.

The website explains all aspects of the heaters and includes information on running costs, controllability, the benefits of the heaters and how they fit into a “smart grid” set up.

The film clip “Smart heating. Smart control” in particular gives examples of how the improved control settings can be used, and how these allow the heaters to match the desired room temperature more effectively compared to standard storage heaters.

Outside of the NINES project, the heaters will not be commercially available until after the autumn.  For more details see the Dimplex website.

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