Our Members

Our Members

Shetland Renewable Energy Forum has members from a wide variety of industries and sectors, as listed below.

If you would like to join the Forum to take advantage of our events, business intelligence, and to join the discussion on how to fuel Shetland through renewables, please learn more at our Join SREF page.

Current SREF Members:

A B Associates Ltd

A B Associates Ltd is a leading independent consultancy established in 1994. Our six professional staff undertake work throughout the EU, providing a range of services to the public and private sectors in economic and business development and analysis, project management, and European affairs. We have an established reputation for producing sound, well researched and objective work delivered on time and within budget.

Website: www.abassociates.com

Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group

AREG represent renewable energy companies through the city of Aberdeen and surrounding Aberdeenshire.

Website: www.aberdeenrenewables.com

Aegir Shetland Wave Farm

Aegir is a joint project between Pelamis Wave Power based in Edinburgh and Swedish Utility Vattenfall, to develop a 10MW wave farm of the Southwest coast of Shetland. Wave measurement bouys have been deployed near St. Ninian’s Isle, and continue to collect data in advance of the launch of 10-14 Pelamis Wave machines. The project has been made possible by plans to develop a high voltage interconnecter between Shetland and the mainland UK.

Website: www.aegirwave.com

Community Energy Scotland (Shetland)

Through the Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Support Scheme, Community Energy Scotland can offer support to a range of community organisations to help with technical assistance to identify projects to reduce their energy consumption. In addition there is the CARES Loan scheme to support community and rural businesses with pre-planning costs for renewable energy revenue generation projects.

Website: www.communityenergyscotland.org.uk/case-studies.asp?id=39

Energy North

Energy North is a body of companies based throughout the North of Scotland and active in the energy sector, including both renewables companies and oil and gas companies, too.

Website: www.energynorth.co.uk

Energy Saving Scotland Advice Centre

Energy Saving Scotland Advice Centre offer free and impartial advice on domestic energy efficiency measures, domestic electricity generation methods as well as available funding information.

Website: http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/scotland


ENERTRAG is a European energy supplier specialising in sustainability by generating electricity exclusively from renewable sources – mainly from wind energy. The company have plans to develop a windfarm consisting of some 11-17 turbines in Yell. Today, we number among the leading wind energy suppliers with 460 wind turbines installed and 1.6 billion kilowatt hours of electricity produced per year – enough to meet the household demands of more than one million people. That alone saves about 1.3 million tons of CO2, 1,400 tons of nitrous gases and 420 tons of fine particles a year according to the calculation of the German Ministry for the Environment. ENERTRAG, with about 430 employees, currently combines all the competencies that are required for the successful operation of wind farms and for the generation and supply of renewable energy. From planning, technological development, financing, constructing and operating right through to transmitting via its own power grid including substations and Europe-wide interconnection, ENERTRAG is one of the few companies worldwide that provides every required link in the production chain of sustainable wind energy. As an independent service provider, ENERTRAG additionally offers a comprehensive service network for its partners' wind farms.

Website: www.enertrag.com/en/

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (Shetland)

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) is the Scottish Government's economic and community development agency for a diverse region which covers more than half of Scotland and is home to around 450,000 people.

HIE's role is to develop sustainable economic growth across the region. To achieve this it creates infrastructure for future investment, assists large and small businesses with growth aspirations and has a unique role strengthening communities, particularly in fragile areas. As part of this HIE supports communities to acquire and develop land and other assets.

Website: www.hie.co.uk/highlands-and-islands/area-information/shetland/economic-profile

Hjaltland Housing Association

Hjaltland Housing Association Ltd is the main independent housing agency in the Shetland Islands.

Hjaltland aims to deliver a high quality housing service to communities throughout Shetland and is committed to ensuring remote communities remain viable through a culture of sustainability and continuous improvement. Hjaltland are project partners in the Northern Isles New Energy Solutions (NINES) project which will provide Shetland with a smarter electricity grid system and allow the load balance to be spread more evenly, removing some of the stress on the local grid.

Website: www.hjaltland.org.uk

NAFC Marine Centre (UHI)

The NAFC Marine Centre has a proud history of offering Higher and Further Education in Shetland, supporting Maritime industries of the Islands. In recent times, the centre has supported project developers gather data around potential wave and tidal farm sites around Shetland, and is working in a portfolio of renewable energy courses to support the growing renewable energy industry around Shetland and the North of Scotland with other partners within the University of the Highlands and Islands.

Website: www.nafc.ac.uk


Nortenergy is a one-stop shop for energy solutions. The company provide energy audits, produce funding applications, etc. all the way through to installation and servicing.

Website: www.nortenergy.co.uk

Orkney Renewable Energy Forum

Orkney Renewable Energy Forum are a trade body which represent renewable energy interested companies in Orkney.

Website: www.oref.co.uk

Pure Energy Centre

Pure Energy Centre are based in Unst, and were instrumental in the development of the Hydrogen Office in Methill in Fife. The company are experts in Hydrogen Storage Systems from wind and solar panel generators, and have customers all over the world. Expansion has seen the company move into development of hydrogen fuel cell systems for cars and other vehicles, and Pure Energy Centre are MCS qualified installers of wind turbine and solar photovoltaic systems.

Website: www.pure.shetland.co.uk

Scottish Renewables

Scottish renewables represent the renewable energy industry throughout Scotland.

Website: www.scottishrenewables.com

Shetland Aeolian


Shetland Aeolian Ltd is a small family business looking to expand the supply of wind generated electricity on the Shetland Islands. We are in the initial stages of a plan to install one or two relatively small (660 kw) Vestas wind turbines on a site (40 acres minimum) that we would buy.

Website: www.shetland-aeolian.co.uk

Shetland Aerogenerators

Shetland Aerogenerators own and operate the 3.68MW Burradale Windfarm, which consists of 2 Vestas V57 turbines, and 3 Vestas V47 turbines. The windfarm has been producing green renewable energy for Shetland since 2000, and with an average capacity factor of 52%, is one of the most productive windfarms in the world.

Website: www.burradale.co.uk

Shetland Heat Energy and Power

Shetland Heat Energy and Power Ltd has been serving district heating to both domestic and non domestic properties in Lerwick since 1998. Hot water is pumped around Lerwick through underground insulated pipes and enters properties through a heat exchanger, supplying their heating and hot water needs. The heat used in the scheme is generated at a Waste to Energy Incinerator located on the outskirts of Lerwick. The incinerator at the Energy Recovery Plant burns domestic and commercial waste from Shetland, Orkney and from the offshore oil industry, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. Up to June 2009 there was a total of 1002 connections and 961 of these are receiving heat.

Website: www.sheap-ltd.co.uk

Shetland Islands Council

Shetland Islands Council is 1 of the 32 local authorities across Scotland. It is the most northern and 2nd smallest local authority in Scotland and it is a major employer within the islands with 3,251 employees.

The Council consists of 22 elected members serving a population of approximately 22,000 people.

Website: www.shetland.gov.uk

Viking Energy

Viking Energy have plans to develop a 450MW onshore wind farm on Shetland Mainland. Viking Energy is a 50:50 partnership between Viking Energy Ltd and SSE Viking Ltd. SSE Viking Ltd is a subsidiary of Scottish and Southern Energy plc. Viking Energy Ltd is the company established to represent the interests of the Shetland community in large-scale windfarm development in Shetland.

The Shetland community is represented by Viking Energy Limited, which is 90% owned by the Shetland Charitable Trust, the organisation set up to manage funds on behalf of the community. The remaining 10% is held by the people who developed Burradale Wind Farm.

Website: www.vikingenergy.co.uk


Shetland Renewable Energy Forum provides a platform to share technical expertise, resources and ideas around how to use renewable energy to solve the problems associated with fossil fuel reliance here in Shetland.

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