AGM Details

AGM Details

AGM Details

Date: 6 September 2012, 6-8pm
Venue: TBC

The Forum’s AGM will take place on the evening of the 6th of September, at the Shetland Museum.  Everyone is welcome, and a copy of the working agenda is available here.

Consent of the Viking Energy Project, ensures that the electrical infrastructure around Shetland is changing rapidly, and facility upgrades to support further oil and gas work mean that an update of our Renewable Energy Strategy is now due, and the Forum and our members are there to support that renewal, and delivery process. Key issues to be discussed include an update of the Shetland Renewable Energy Strategy; our blueprint towards a healthy renewable energy industry on the Isles, and we would like your input to help identify activities and projects we should pursue, collectively.  We also would like to discuss a new mechanism for delivering those strategic aims to the benefit of everyone. And of course, we need to nominate and elect an executive committee

Readers who wish to have a vote on the new committee members, or who would like to stand for election must be members of the Forum. To join please find an application form on our website, or sign-up on the night.

Forum Members can expect to receive nomination papers imminently.

Please contact us if you are planning on attending.

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Shetland Renewable Energy Forum provides a platform to share technical expertise, resources and ideas around how to use renewable energy to solve the problems associated with fossil fuel reliance here in Shetland.

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