Viking Energy Wind Farm Achieves Consent

Viking Energy Wind Farm Achieves Consent

Posted: 17 April 2012

Shetland Renewable Energy Forum would like to congratulate our member organisation, Viking Energy on securing planning consent for the Viking Energy windfarm to be situated on the Shetland Mainland.

The consented wind farm includes 103 turbines, with a combined rated capacity of 370MW and is set to be one of the most productive windfarms in the world owing to the historically robust local wind regime - maintaining Shetland's place at the forefront of European energy developments as we seek to make real progress in the transition from a fossil fuelled society to one with a more sustainable bearing.

Of particular excitement to the renewable energy industry in Shetland is the realisation that our Islands will now become connected to the UK National Grid through the Scottish Mainland. This historical development cannot be overstated, since an innterconnector between Shetland and the UK will make possible all kinds of renewable energy developments around Shetland, which bring new skills, jobs and income to the Islands whilst reducing our extreme reliance on imported fossil fuels. Domestic and community scale renewable energy generators are currently constrained by the local electricity network in Shetland, which is unable to accept much more generation capacity without the ability to export power elsewhere when required. An interconnecter also enables larger scale projects such as the technologically pioneering Aegir Wave Farm Project - also members of the Shetland Renewbale Energy Forum. Both Viking Energy and Aegir are of strategic importance in the development of Scotland's world leading Renewable Energy advancement.

In hard financial terms, Viking Energy is expected to directly generate some £30million per year for the Shetland economy, over the 20 year lifespan of the wind farm. Of this, £20million per year will be allocated to Shetland Charitable Trust - this sum is equivalent to almost £1000 per Shetlander per year. 

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