Working Groups

Working Groups

To meet the objectives set out in the Shetland Renewable Energy Strategy which was mapped out by our members, the Forum has different ‘Working Groups’. Our Working Groups are helping to make our way of life more sustainable by applying renewable energy technology to each of the main areas we currently find challenging.

We have groups working on Transport, Community and Domestic Energy, Marine Renewables, and Skills Development - the main areas in which we feel Shetland can benefit today and in the future. Members interested in joining one of our working groups are advised to contact us.

Marine Renewables

Our Marine Group works to try and maximise the Energy Generating potential of the sea around Shetland for our people, communities and companies.

Community and Domestic Energy

Helping all of Shetland's Communities on the road towards to self-sufficiency.


Phasing fossil fuels out of Shetland's tanks.

Skills Development

Equipping Shetlanders with the Skills needed to work in the renewables industry is one of our key priorities.


Shetland Renewable Energy Forum provides a platform to share technical expertise, resources and ideas around how to use renewable energy to solve the problems associated with fossil fuel reliance here in Shetland.

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